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Hello All!

My most used cooking utensil is my grill skillet (has raised ridges but otherwise is like normal skillet). Fat drains off, itís easy to put in the dishwasher. This is great for giving the ďgrilledĒ effect any time of year. One favorite recipe is to spray it with no stick spray and grill apple slices. My family loves them!

Another useful item is my electric rapid boil hot water kettle. One push of the button and water is brought to boiling very quickly with minimal time and energy expended. Itís really handier than the microwave in my opinion. The whole family can help themselves to making hot tea, cocoa, broth, instant oatmeal, etc. I donít know how we got along before we had it. Makes healthy food fast.

Love my Blender Bottles from HSN for making protein shakes. They have little wisp balls inside to help mix things up!

We love McCormick No salt steak seasoning and McCormick No Salt chicken seasoning. Gives a gourmet flair to simple meats.

Beware: Many of the new combination stewed tomatoes in the can have sugar or corn syrup added. Read the ingredients on the BACK of the can carefully! Del Monte in particular.

MajesticalóBreak out that slow cooker. There are a lot of good healthy recipes here on this site. Fix your food in the am while you are energetic and then forget it until supper. Also, that rapid boil kettle would be a good item for you. You can succeed. Iím not crazy about cooking either but I want to set an example for my children so this old dog is trying to learn some new tricks. The wonderful gals here will cheer you on.

MahthaóI canít wait to try your pulled pork recipe. Do you think diet ginger ale would work?

Thanks so much for the great tips, everybody.
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