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Hi ladies! I am a mommy, as well as a Pagan, mostly Wiccan but with enough variances that I feel more honest when I use the term "eclectic". Anyway, my little guy is still very young (under 2) but I have no reason to hide anything from him. We say a nightly prayer to the Lord and the Lady before bed, we go outside often and look at the moon, he's got his own collection of crystals and gemstones that he loves to play with (with supervision, of course), etc. Now, hiding from the in-laws, that's a different story... so when he gets old enough to talk about such things I'm sure I'll have my hands full!

I just bought the book "Circle Round" that is by 3 authors.... Starhawk is the only one I can think of off-hand. It's great so far with lots of ideas for incorporating your kids into rituals, crafts, and there seem to be a lot of ideas for talking about your spirituality with them, and explaining things to them. Maybe this book could help you.

Good luck!

Cindy B.
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