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1. Frozen breaded skinless boneless chicken patties from Butterball (used to come in a box with a few different flavors....original, Italian, I forget what else) and then they changed them to a resealable bag. Now they don't carry them at my store at all. (4 pts)
2. Cheddar stoned wheat thins. 17 or 18 crackers for 3 points. My store only carries the plain Stoned Wheat Thins now - bleck.
I used to have the chicken patties on a 1 point bun with my 17 cheddar stoned wheat thins and string beans as my staple meal a few nights a week. I have not kept up my weight loss since I cannot get these two items anymore!
I recommend y'all look for them in your stores, since they obviously work.
My other can't live withouts (and I will totally fall apart if these things get continued):
skinny cows - I actually like the Smart Ones better, esp since they have chocolate now...
ff jello
ff cool whip
ff refried beans (wow, I'm seeing a pattern here)
ff yogurt
french style green beans
WOW doritoes
Special K Red Berries (1 point for a whole cup!)
PS...Someone posted this recipe here a while back for whipped peanut butter. Here it is:
Homemade Whipped Peanut Butter
26 oz. jar Laura Scudder's old fashioned peanut butter (you know, just peanuts and salt)
3 Tbsp. nonfat dry milk (probably totally unnecessary)
3-4 Tbsp. brown sugar
1 1/2 cups ice cold water
I mixed this with my heavy duty mixer, would work with food processor or even blender. Beat it until everything is incorporated. (Even though it's called "whipped" you don't whip it like cream, you're just blending in all the water until smooth). Viola! That's it!!!!
The original PB was 46 tablespoons at 100cal/8 ft/ 1 fiber per Tbsp. That's 2.5 points.
This made 80 tablespoons (5 cups) at 60cal/4.6 ft/.5 fiber per Tbsp. That's 1.5 points.
You could add more water because this still tasted like peanut butter.
I'm not sure if you could do this with a smaller jar of PB. Give it a try, I was thinking that I needed enough for my mixer to really beat it in.
WOW chips
FF refried beans
Alouette Lite cheese
Reduced Fat Ritz crackers (2 pts for 5 crackers)
Morningstar Farms soy hamburger style crumbles
Ball Park FF hot dogs & turkey dogs (1 pt each)
PAM butter flavored spray
ICBINB light (it actually works like margarine, but isn't "wet")
Pepperidge Farm light breads (2 slices for 1 pt, the 7-grain & the oatmeal are delicious!!)
Kraft FF swiss & sharp cheddar cheese (only 1pt per 2 slices)
Carl Buddig "chipped" meats (only 2 pts per package)
Progresso soups (if you stay away from the creamed varieties, none of them are more than 4 pts per can)
Progresso French Onion soup (made with Vidalia onions, and only 2 pts!, sprinkle a little ff parmesan on top for a delicious lunch)
GenSoy mesquite bbq soy chips
Jays ff butter flavored pretzel minis (very tasty, crisp & only 2 pts for 17 pretzels)
Swiss Miss ff French Vanilla "hot chocolate" (only 2 pts)
Pepperidge Farm Pirouette cookies (1.5 pts per cookie)
1. Boca burgers with light cheese slice.
2. FF jello & ultra low fat cool whip.
3. Guiltless Gourmet chili lime tortilla chips & salsa.
4. Low salt triscuits with tuna & light mayo.
5. Jelly beans (5) for 1 pt for a sweet treat in the evening.
I love the bagged salad with part of a pack of the Lemon Pepper tuna mixed together. (You know, the tuna in a pack where you don't even have to drain it?) It's easy, quick and filling. That way I get a veggie in plus the protein keeps me full longer. Yum!
I love the Blue Bunny ice cream bars, especially the Fudge Lites. You get TWO for one point!! (They are small.) Two bars=70 cal., 0 fiber, 0 fat, = 1 point. I also love to have half a pita bread with a whole pouch of the Starkist white tuna, (3 oz.)with lettuce, and I also mix in about 2 tsp. lite mayo,and a little sweet relish, with Wow chips and a pickle for lunch. The sandwich is 4 1/2 points. Really filling!!
Hi, I'm new here (and to message boards, so forgive any lapses in m.b. etiquette), but I love DWLZ and am having some late night cravings, so signed on for inspiration.
My favorite food is: small whole wheat lawash (2), 2 oz. Boars Head smoked turkey (1) with a shmear of Philly ff cream cheese (1/2), with some lettuce. It's my lunch almost every day and so satisfying! Thanks all for the great ideas!
Did you know that the meringue cookies also come in mini size. They are 13 cookies for 2 points. I love the mocha ones. Lorraine
Lately, these foods have been helping me:
Low-Fat Waffles (1 point each)
Gardenburger Riblets (4 points, serve for dinner w/2 points of rice and a bunch of stir-fried veggies)
Cows: Laughing Cow and Peppermint Skinny Cow
Fresh Grapefruit
Boca Spicy Chik'n Filet on 1 point hamburger bun with a little FF mayo
Morningstar Farms Corn Dogs w/1 tbsp chili sauce (3 points)
Hebrew National 97% fat-free hot dogs (1 point) on 1 point hot dog bun
Egg Beaters (breakfast burrito with salsa and 1 point of cheese in 2 point flour tortilla; homemade Egg McMuffin with 1 slice Canadian bacon and 1 2% sharp cheddar cheese slice on Eng. Muffin. Sometimes I use a real egg instead of Egg Beaters, for an extra point.)
Cranberry Lime Canada Dry Seltzer Water w/ a dash of angostura bitters on ice
Grape Tomatoes (buy big containers at Sam's)
Fat-Free, Low-Sodium Chicken and Beef Broth
Precooked Bacon (I often make myself two BLTs with reduced-fat bread and FF mayo for lunch)
Bakers Breakfast Cookies
Subway Subs
Pepperidge Farm Brussels Cookies (1 pt each) and Chessmen (4 for 3 pts.). When I am OP I can have them around and not be tempted to eat too many. I love them with my afternoon tea.
A 4 pt. glass of wine with dinner
Herbal teas for the rest of the evening after dinner
- Crystal Light (all are great!!)
- Diet Vanilla Coke
- Baked Doritos
- Light Yogurt
- clementines
- WW Cookie Dough Sundae dessert
- fat free, sugar free choc pudding, 1 banana, ff whip cream
- FF hot dogs
and so many more... It really isn't difficult following the plan!
You can eat "real" food and lose weight!!!
Light Bread
FF Pringles
WOW Chips
Skinny Cows
Low Fat Ham
2% Cheese
OR 94%FF Popcorn
Green Beans
Wendy's Chili
Olive Garden Chicken Giardarno (wrong spelling)
Jolly Time, Healthy Pop, 94% Fat Free, Butter Flavor, Microwave, popped, 5 cups(1 bag) = 1 pt
This is in the Complete Foods Book on page 253
Wondra Light Bread 2 slices = 1 pt
Oscar Mayer Fat Free Balogna 3 slices = 1 pt
1 slice 2% cheese = 1 pt
Butter Flavored Pam Spray makes great grilled cheese sandwiches. Spray Bread with Pam. Grill
Canned Soups
Jose Ole beef taquitos are 1 pt each and yummy.
I serve them with FF sour cream for dipping and Rosarita FF refired beans.
Morningstar farms gardenburgers...1 point
.....Laughing Cow cheese wedges.......1 point
.....Folgers Cafe latte "Mocha Fusion".....3 points per cup...but so delicious and curbs my chocolate craving.
.....Merita lite Wheat Hamburger and hot dog rolls...1 point each
....Better n eggs...(egg substitute)....1 point...
....Bacon...3 points per 3 pieces....BLT's Yummy
...Oranges...1 point
....."Crustless pumpkin pie"...4 points for the whole pie...(I eat a whole pie myself )
I have to stay away from Skinny cows and wow chips, as I go overboard with them...I only buy them occasionally
1 pnt. 40 calhoney wheat natures own bread 2 slices
1 pnt. 1 tbsp of peanut butter
so there a pb sandwhcih for 2 pts.
4 pnt. orange sections, bluberries, and strawberrys w/ ff cool whip
1 pnt. salads with ff dressing
2 pts. ff pudding
3 pts. a serv. of quacker apple cinnamon air crisps
1 pnt. f or 15 ff sour cream and onion pringles
healthy and lean cusine and smart ones meals
fruits and veggies
Blue Bunny ice cream (the one with Splenda that is also f/f) : one cup is three points. Some flavors are more.
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwices
Subway subs- I especially like the chicken breast and veggie
Wow chips
Baked Lays chips
Smart Ones frozen desserts
Healthy Choice frozen entrees (dinners)
Light Cool Whip
Skim milk
Yoplait whipped yogurts
egg whites
Whole wheat bread
Light bread
Diet Rite soda- It's made with Splenda and does not contain aspartme or caffeine; I especially like the Tangerine
Hot cocoa mix
Fruits- mangos, cantoloupe, grapes, apples, oranges, tangerines
Vegetables- eggplants, broccoli, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, sweet peppers, hot peppers
Light Miracle Whip
Chicken breast
I must chime in with one of my favorites that no one has mentioned...Starbucks frozen Frapuccino bars. Delicious and 2 points because they have 2g. of fiber, also a good amount of calcium.
Hi...I use many of the above but one thing I haven't seen on here is canned chicken chow mein 2pts.
1 bag of cauliflower cooked (covered) in micro for 13 minutes
Drain excess water.
2 pieces of ff american cheese slices placed on top and covered for 45 seconds until melted.
Salt and pepper and yum ...whole thing 1 pt.
My "savior" foods are as follows: Sweet Escapes Peanut Butter and Chocolate Candy Bars for TOM; Baked Doritos, Fat Free Blue Cheese with home-made buffalo wings, and totally fat free fajitas.
Fat Free Catalina Kraft Salad Dressing
Healthy Choice Country Breaded Chicken Entree
TGI Fridays Frozen Snacks, Buffalo Wings, Quesadilla Rolls
Ore Ida Fast Food Frozen French Fries
English Muffins
Pop Tarts
Jolly Time Light Butter Popcorn
Honey Teddy Graham Cracker Snacks
Fat Free Flour Tortillas
Burger King Crispy Tacos
Freschetta Southwest Chicken Supreme Frozen Pizza
Fat Free Sour Cream
Laughing cow light cheese
2 for 1pt bread
Brummel & brown spread(which I always bought anyway)
FF cheese singles (for toasted cheese sandwiches)
Smoked turkey hot dogs (for when I have to have a dog)
Atomic fireballs
Skinny cows (especially the mint ones)
Haagen Daaz raspberry sorbet & vanilla yogurt bars
Diet cherry coke
Turkey breakfast sausage
Corn bran cereal
Bartlett pears
Mixed salad
York peppermint patty minis (great frozen)
Smart Pop mini bags
Yuengling light beer
My list is a little different, because I try to avoid sweets and simple carbs as much as possible -- they make me ravenous.
I drink a coffee with a lot of milk every morning for breakfast (a Starbucks latte to be precise).
I love spaghetti squash w/ tomato sauce, chopped cabbage/carrots w/ balsamic vinegar, asparagus, fresh spinach in the ready-to-mike packages (I steam it just a little); mangos.
five pounds at a time : and then i get a massage from a hot guy
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