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I also love the 9 grain lite bread with butter spray~YUM! And, the FF eggo's with a little jam in between two like a sandwich.
I can't wait to try the veggie burgers.
One of my faves to cure that chocolate cravings has to be the Archways FF Devils Food cookies. 1 point a piece, they're a nice size and chewy. Sometimes if I crave that salt and chocolate combo, I'll add a couple cookies to a freshly poured bag of popcorn and the cookies get all warm and yummy.
anybody into bread like me?i cant live wihtout it and my grocer has 0 point bread make great hunger busters wiht some turkey bologny its a light wheat bread small slices but verry good or wiht just light mayo and bacon bits
What bread is that? I loooove bread, and it seems everything I eat is in a sandwich. I eat the 35 cal white wheat now, but would love to find a 0 pt bread.
I am sure that every piece of bread has some pts in it. Even one with 35 cals a slice would be a half a pt.
Water, water and more water.
Laughing cow light cheese
Raw vegies
Sugar free, ff pudding w cool whip on a graham cracker - tastes like pie
Exercising and doing wt. training.
-southern tsunami sushi- vegetable rolls, 9 pieces for 5 points!
-subway turkey subs
-baked tostitos
-ww giant sundae cups and skinny cows
-lollipops- sees and tootsie pops
-kashi cereals
-boca burgers
-lite bread 1 pt for 2 slices
-sugar free raspberry preserves
-ww frozen entrees
-swiss miss sugar free hot cocoa
its a 100% whole wheat bread OROWEAT light, is the name found it at my grocers store also at wal mart
and here are the nut facts
serving size 2 slice
fiber 7g
calories 80
total fat 0.5
I am pretty new, but my leader had this at a meeting and I had some last night... VERY GOOD... Dryers No Sugar Added, Fat Free Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream. 1 point for 1/2 cup! My husband, who usually hates FF food, loved it! Just thought I'd throw that in since I felt like I was cheating! LOL!
I'm relatively new to this, so I cant's say for certain - but realizing that certain things are so much more precious alone has made them better for me.
Before I started chocolate was a 'pop a few for a snack' thing. Now that each PIECE is about a point, I'm much more prone to wait. Have one. Wait until the next day. Maybe have another.
I've come to appreciate everything I eat much more.
More on topic, things I've found are good:
-Trader Joes Stuff (Kashi, Vegetable Fried Rice, etc)
-Chocolate Covered Cherries (1 pt...mmm...)
-Salad w/just balsamic vinegar (why use oil?)
-Corn Cakes (Did you know, they make WHITE CHEDDAR ONES?!??! I can't have alot of cheese, but I can have these)
Well, the two foods that I USED to have at least 4-5 times a week have been discontinued or are no longer in my market.
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