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Mahi Mahi grilled (it is a fish) 4 oz. for just 2 points and it is full of protein (21 grams)
Lil Dreamers ice cream sandw.= 1 point each
Love's golden wheat bread= 2 slices= 1pt
I love egg beater omlettes with lots of fresh veggies and salsa for a good low-point meal (occasionally dinner).
Veggie sushi, veggie burgers, fat free frozen yogurt, Canfields diet chocolate fudge soda, fatfree/sugar free fudgsicles and Haagen Daz chocolate sorbet..only 2 points a serving!
I love Skinny Cow Sandwiches but i have, sadly, a tendency to eat them all--red light food for me.
Nestle's Carnation Fat Free Cocoa - 25 calories for 2 Tbsp., and 30% calcium.
Reduced Fat Peanut Butter
Soy Crumbles (like ground meat) to add to recipes - adds soy protein without the high points and fat of real meat.
Banquet Fat Free Breaded Chicken Patties - 2 points, yummy on a 1 point bun.
Romano cheese - more flavorful than Parmesan, same price and convenience and shaker jar.
Boca burgers and Glenny's garlic and onion soy crisps have become staples for me.
I also eat ff/sf jello with ff cool whip every single day - people at work laugh at me, but I guess I'll have the last laugh when I'm 70 pounds lighter!
~Designer Protein powder
~Pria Bars
~Skinny Cows
~cherry tomatoes
~Gigantic salads!
~Balsamic vinegar (lots of flavor, only need to use a smidge of olive oil for great dressing)
~Bocas, Quorn & Gardenburger products
I think the biggest thing for me is just learning to cook with seasonings again, instead of high points marinades or sauces. Pampered Chef has some wonderful seasoning mixes that I use a lot -- a few small shakes will do and adds SOOO much flavor.
- AMAZING: byalis bread. This are fat free "bagels" low carb, just 1 point and good size. (frozen or with the bread section at supermarkets)
- Barbaras puffed corn cereal, cinammon flavor at trader joes. 1 point for 1 oz (more than 1 cup)
- Canned chicken stock, you can just heat it up and drink it or add some frozen vegetables. (0 points for one cup but drink an extra glass of water because is a little high in sodium)
- Whole wheat english muffins
- Chocolate crisp bar (WW)
- WW Sunday cup, penaut butter flavor. 1 huge container just 2 points. MMMMMMmmmmmmm!
- Corn tortillas
I would have to say Baked Dorito's and Healthy Choice hotdogs...they helped me alot and are not that expensive ( and since they sell the Baked Dorito's at my school(only 5 points for a king size), I eat those whenever I buy lunch, instead of fatting stuff!) They are a lifesaver, and the Healthy Choice hotdogs are great too because when we have a high point homecooked meal, or my parents are going out and I want to eat healthy I just grab one of those!! hehe...well have a great day!! Byeeeee!!
About the Miss Meringue's cookies. I have a them here in front of me, the mochaccino mini's are 13 pieces per serving, 80 calories, 0 fat and 0 fiber, so 2 pts. The chocolate raspberry are the same I believe. Is this info correct? Sounds too good to be true...
I too, of course, love the skinny cow's
My biggest thing is ff refried beans!
I put a little in a bowl, cook up a little crumbled turkey and add a little nf sour cream and salsa for a 4 layer type dip that is low in points. Then I broil a few corn tortillas and cut them into chips and scoop the dip onto the chips. It's the best thing ever and I am very satisfied. I'll have it for lunch or dinner or make a very small batch and have it for a snack.
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