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I am about to make a series of giant posts here. I saved a thread like this once several years ago as a word document and was going to pair it down so I had a definitive list of good dieting food. That never happened and now I have kids, so I have even less time. Anyway here it is - I think from 2002.

Open Hearth ovens hamburger buns for 1 point
Whipped Peanut butter
Fat Free Pringles: Fifteen chips are only 1 point. I love having chips with my sandwiches.
Skinny Cow ice-cream sandwiches for 2 points.
Fresh turkey brats on the grill for only 4 points.
Morningstar Farm veggie burgers that are 1 point each on a 1 point Wonder Light bun with the piece of 1 point Kraft 2% cheese and it's a 3 point cheeseburger.
Hebrew National 97% fat-free hot dogs (1 point) on the Wonder Light 1 point hot dog bun
Probably the skinny cow, especially since we finally have mint!
fat free sugar free pudding
ff italian salad dressing.
Miss Meringue cookies - 4 cookies for 2 points
Robert's French Twists - made with no butter, dairy or eggs; they are 1 point each
Power Pria Bar - 2 points each; also is one serving of milk
Kashi cereals
A hard-boiled egg is a good 2 point snack
Kashi - love this as both cereal and a topping for my yogurt or a great snack.
Laughing cow - Huge Cream Cheese fan and this tastes just like it and even better great on english muffins and bagels and for making a cheesy omelet
For a snack I get the WW fudge bars they are only 1 point and it helps the chocolate cravings.
Kashi Go Lean cereal, SF jello, Healthy life bread, and ICBINB spray!
Wow chips
Silhouette frozen desserts
Healthy Choice Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Low Fat Ice Cream
ICBIN Butter Spray/Molly McButter/Smart Beat FF Squeeze
Nature's Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread
Ball Park Fat Free Beef Franks
Skinny Cows (of course)
94% FF Popcorn
Sara Lee 1 point mini bagels
Wonder light bread
FF Hot Dogs
Baked Tostitos with Salsa
Crystal Light
Polly-O light string cheese. Each piece is one point, and it's quite a bit of cheese.
Chop one up on a light English muffin with some tomato sauce for a 2-point "pizza".
Kashi Good Friends cereal. All the other Kashi brands taste like sawdust to me, but Good Friends is good!
Fresh strawberries. A whole cup and a half is only 1 point.
Sugar snap peas. Fresh and delicious and NO points.
Lightly flavored seltzer water--local brand is Adirondack with flavors like Mandarin Orange or Lime
Kroger light buns (1pt)
Lemon Pepper Chicken lunch meat (in the deli - 2oz = 1pt)
Boca Burgers
Fat-Free Refried La Tierra Beans 1 cup for 1 point (very filling and dipping fat free WOW Tostidos into)
Fat Free Cool Whip (I use it on SF Jell-O, strawberries, peaches, you name it...I love it)
Egg Whites Scrambled they are pretty tasty, and I get a good deal of protein for 1 point
Ore Ida Crinkle Cut Fries baked in the oven 10 for just 2 points, which is great for those french fry cravings of mine
Lite Hotdog and Hamburger Buns1 point each
Jose Ole Chicken & Cheese Mini Tacos 4 mini tacos for 3 points, which is wonderful when I am craving Mexican! I can have 8 minis for 6 points, which, when topped with salsa, and eaten with a side salad, makes for a nice low-point meal.
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