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I can't believe I am about to defend this guy but here goes. I had a Korean boyfriend, many years ago. I am sure he didn't mean it quite the way that it sounded.

But I'm not telling you to be a doormat. I think you need to try and sit down talk to one another without getting upset. I can just imagine though what it must be like in Korea, and I made that comment in a pm to you as well. I know when I went to Singapore, and that was just on holiday, I felt like a giant ogre!!! In Lilliput land!!!

Don't let this undermine your weight loss. I see this as two seperate issues. I know your losing weight for you. You are working so hard on your weight loss, and your doing so much to help yourself.

Your attitude of your boyfriend is a seperate manner. I think most Korean men have a bit of an attitude about weight, and in a way, he is just reflecting his culture. He does have to learn though, that he needs to respect you and be sensitive to your needs.

Are there any other cross cultural couples in your peer group that you can talk to?

I know my Korean boyfriend said things on occasions that I thought were really hurtful, until I got to know some of his friends and realised he didn't mean to be that way.
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