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Wow that is a tough one. I am sorry that happened and I know how terribly painful for you it must feel. I know I would be feel very hurt and also confused. If you guys can work it out that would be wonderful. The problem confronting you personally is that if you lose the weight and marry can you be sure you will never gain weight again? You may be in a place to lose weight right now but is his love going to be there later on if you do not stay slim later in life. It would be hard for anyone to advise you because we do not know you as individuals. People have worked through some very hard things all the time so I guess it would depend on your own individual motivations. The problem with his statement is that it has driven a wedge between you and now you will tend to question how much he really does love you. If it were me I think I would tend to back off marriage until I felt the matter was fully resolved and I felt I was with a man I could trust to care for me thought thin or fat.
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