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Unhappy Insulted and not sure what to do.....

I have been holding back talking about this but I need to get it off my chest and you all here are so supportive.

My boyfriend one week after I had started losing weight (he was not aware I was trying because I did not tell him) Informs me that he has been bothered by something for a long time. He tells me he is embarassed to be seen walking with me in public in the city. Not the base mind you because in America I am "standard" size. (his term not mine) But in the city were everyone is rail thin. He says he was not sure if he could get over it and he wanted to be honest before we went any further with our discussions of getting married. He is not American he is Korean.

Well folks it felt like the rug was pulled out from under me. All this time he has said I like you for you. Meaning in my thoughts ....size does not matter. We have been staying in a lot recently and I thought maybe it was just because of the weather being so flippin' cold here. I am not a cold weather person.

Anyway...he killed something inside me. I feel like I can not look at him the same way. I love him so much and he knew he had made a huge mistake. He kept apologizing over and over and saying he was so lucky to have me love him etc.....

I have been losing weight for me and I make sure he knows that everyday. I was not going to let his selfishness ruin my progress. He has been trying to make up for his comment because he thought since Americans were so open with conversation it would be ok to share those feelings with me.

I was so upset I could not even speak to him for an hour. He was great in my eyes until that moment. I knew it wasn't perfect but I thought we could work it out.

I go through waves now as too whether I will be able to get through this. My evil side tells me to lose the weight get him all pumped up and then move soft side says to work through it and give our relationship a chance.

I have no clue....I love him so much but I am not sure what I should do. Now I feel like not telling him how my weight loss is going for fear of him being totally selfish so he feels comfortable on the street.
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