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Originally Posted by Lovemylife
As a nurse, someone asked me if I thought an advertisement on tv for a weight loss supplement worked? My answer was "YES it works if you follow the directions." I went on to explain my answer in that on the bottle of every weight loss supplement out there it says "when combined with a sensible diet and exercise program." There is the part of what they are advertising that works. A SENSIBLE DIET AND EXERCISE program is the only way to lose weight. They have us all duped. It amazes me that these companies can sell herbal supplements that can raise your heart rate, give you a stroke or heart attack and put you in a persistent vegetative state for the rest of your life without FDA regulation, but a dog treat or food has to be approved by them. Maybe we should all just become dogs!! We could blame our owners for all the snacks we get and for the lack of exercise. What a life, a dog's life!! Just kidding, but seriously, as a nurse this is upsetting. Any of these drugs that raise your metabolism, in general raise your heart rate. You may or may not be able to handle this depending on your condition. Many of us do not know we have high blood pressure. If you want to take a supplement, take a multivitamin, follow a sensible weight loss plan that includes all food groups and increase your exercise. Have a great life. Happy Weight Loss Journey.
If we had a Post of the Day, this would definitely be it.

This sentence rings especially true:

Many of us do not know we have high blood pressure.
I've just recently found out that I'm entering the wonderful world of perimenopause and have to start watching my blood pressure. I'm over 40, and heart disease is the leading killer of women my age. These OTC diet pills, which are touted as 'all natural' (implying 'safe') are NOT safe for those with HBP.

Even if you're not yet 40, it's a good idea to get into the habit of taking your blood pressure on a regular basis - rather than waiting for your annual physical. Most pharmacies and drugstores (including grocery stores with in-store pharmacies) have free, easy to use blood pressure monitors available for customers' use. It has become a habit for me to take my blood pressure whenever I go shopping - I just sit down, stick my arm in the sleeve, push the button and wait - takes less than a minute.

Ladies and gentlemen - I KNOW we all want to lose weight and maintain our losses - but doing it HEALTHFULLY must be paramount. As Lovemylife has so eloquently said - just because these oft-touted pills are 'natural' does NOT mean they are safe, certainly they are not safe for everyone. It's not just LOOKING good - it's FEELING good and being healthy - and setting a great example for others to follow
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