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No offense to Atkins, but I know people that have done it and all of them are larger than when they started. Thanks for the suggestion but I believe deprivation would only make cause for failure. It's why I love Calorie Queens - I'm learning to live with food - not without it.

Scales don't bother me. I know from what I said it would appear that way but there is just so much going on outside of weightloss that I think I took it out on the scales. Here's the deal...The ex-husband called a couple weeks ago and griped in my ear that he isn't allowed to claim our three children and he pays $12,000 per year in child support. He has seen his children for 20 minutes in the last 18 months. He has holidays and 6 weeks in the summer he can have them but he doesn't take advantage of the holidays and last year he didn't get them for the summer (he lives in another state). I'm now not receiving ANY child support. Thank goodness I don't count it in the household budget! Oh, I just can't wait to rid myself of this man completely! Anyway, my point is I let him make me feel terrible about myself and that carried over to my progress. I can't NOT talk to him but I sure as **** don't have to let him make me feel worthless. I take care of my children 365 a year and THAT'S why the courts gave me the ability to claim them every year. Okay....I'm over it....

I'm also going to go to the tanning bed soon. I figure if I'm gonna look good this summer I might as well be tan

I made a menu for the next week and did my shopping off of that - a good thing. It's snowy and wintry outside so this will be a good time for me to re-organize the pantry and make a "food bank" box to deliver.

Put down the cheesecake and step away from the scale!
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