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It sounds like you have a case of "scale-itis" and are listening more to what the scale tells you than your body is telling you.

Originally Posted by 1dayatatime
I'm bored. I'm motivated. I'm depressed. I'm determined. I'm discouraged.

The scale is still waivering between the same two pounds for the second week now.
I even walked for 30 minutes without having to stop (for the asthma). I was stoked!!!! I used to have to stop every 10 mintues
What you're body is telling you has you stoked! What the scale tells you has you discouraged. While it would be nice if they always told you the same good news, that is not always the case. The scale often tells the truth but it does sometimes lie. Your body is a truer indicator.

When your body tells you are making progress, flip the scale the bird and go try to walk for 35 minutes without stopping!
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