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I had another thought about a negative way of thinking being why I often lose motivation and get off-track. It fits in with one of my favorite Dr. Phil thoughts about how you won't change something if you are getting a payoff from it.

I am really going to start thinking of weight loss and fitness as something decadent- something that I am doing just for me, to take care of myself because I "deserve it". After all, more often than not, that's why I crash on the couch instead of getting exercise- because "I'm tired and I deserve it". I'll eat a third slice of pizza or a candy bar because "It's been a long day/the kids are getting on my nerves/it's the weekend/I'm out with friends/I've been so good- and I deserve it".

So, now I'm going to have to switch my thinking to "I'm going to stop at one serving because I deserve to be healthy", or "I'm going to get my butt up and get moving because I deserve to be healthy". Yikes. That's going to take 31 years of undoing, but, I think that's what it will take to get me to lose weight.
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