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I have to say that this past week has been a CHALLENGE for me too. It seems like my common sense sort of flies out the window when I have PMS/period. BUT.. that was then and this is NOW. It's over and done with AND my husband came home late last night. He had been out of town since Monday. (Lucky dog -- he got to miss the whole "period" thing, I sure wish I could have!!)

Actually, thinking over yesterday, I did pretty good. I had my normal breakfast of cereal, banana, skim milk. I had to drive to the office yesterday (90+ miles one way) for a meeting. Thankfully we did NOT have donuts. We DID have lunch brought in from a local pizza joint. We could order anything we wanted. Now, while I could have ordered a salad, I ordered a "Little Joe"... which is a personal size pizza... in the Hawaiian style. It was good. No morning snack, no afternoon snack. I did stop at the grocery store on my way home and bought the fixings for lasagna AND a Milky Way candy bar. I ate the candy bar on the 30 mile drive home. That was also good. I put the lasagna together and waited for my husband to call me to tell me he was leaving the office. (He had planned on getting back to Fargo by mid-afternoon.) The phone rang at 6 pm and he told me that he was actually just leaving Minot... which meant that he had about five hours to drive. Oh. I put the lasagna in the fridge and heated up leftovers. Sooooo... I really only had TWO days totally off-track. I was kind of bummed that there wasn't a Biggest Loser on last night. I really have found their latest shows to be very motivating. I have the book, so I guess I should work on reading that.

Reading books, magazines, Success Stories, etc., really helps to motivate me. Willpower is a myth, I think. Yes, there's that initial excitement when starting anything new (lifestyle changes, relationships, etc.), but you do have to WORK at them.

So... 1dayatatime... take a look at your online name. One Day At A Time!! That's all we have to do is to take it one day at a time.

BTW, speaking of cold weather, our HIGH temp today is supposed to be 3 degrees. The high!! Tomorrow's high temp is -10º. Ten degrees below zero. Yikes!


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