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S/C/G: xmas start wt: 156


Find something fun and different to do. Snow tubbing. Revamp your master list of foods to eat. Do research (since you guys love coming here so much it should be up your alley). Find new things to make, eat, freeze, etc.

Do a group activity (or as a family).

Tour a new city.

Live your life and find excitement in it and let the weight take care of itself as a natural consequence to good choices.

This weekend I'm thinking about exploring an outlet mall in a new city. I don't really wish to buy stuff, just to walk around and look. That's if I get over being sick and if a friend will go with me.

Had fun snowtubing last weekend.

I want to go watch a performance that is a lot like the riverdance next month. Then for my boy's birthday a trip (our first) to Hershey Park.
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