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Default I need to make this fun again

I'm bored. I'm motivated. I'm depressed. I'm determined. I'm discouraged.

The scale is still waivering between the same two pounds for the second week now. I could come up with multiple reasons of why this is happening. Valentine's Day. PMS. Lack of exercise. Portion mishaps (yeah, like that extra scoop accidentally feel on my plate). The possibilities are endless.

Yesterday, was a new day. I did so good until about 2pm. I even walked for 30 minutes without having to stop (for the asthma). I was stoked!!!! I used to have to stop every 10 mintues Then, I got home. And totally blew my great day. I could have stopped eating but I chose not to stop. It was a very conscious decision. I tried to pick my spirits up a bit by trying on some clothes I haven't attempted to fit in. The stuff from last year fits soooo much better than the tight fit they were last year. I have a pair of pants that are still too tight (size 12) but I did get them zipped. This didn't help me at all though. I've seriously considered backing off again for a week or so and regrouping my goals and why I'm doing this. My frame of mind is just not consistent with successful weightloss right now.

It's been so cold here (except for yesterday and today and then it's back to cold again) and I'm bored with my food, which is why I think I'm having such a hard time staying on track.

I soooooo can't wait until Spring. I need something fresh and new. I need to get my hands in the dirt. I want to feel excited about this journey again but the circumstances around me seem to be concealing anything hopeful at this point.

Thanks for letting me rant.

Hurry up Spring!!!!!!!!

Put down the cheesecake and step away from the scale!
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