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On how often to run, when you're starting off I'd try to do it every other day or so (3 or 4 times per week). Maybe double up on weekends and run Saturday and Sunday if it helps you get your runs in easier than running during the week, but make sure you get rest days. As you build up you can judge how much you're doing better. I still mainly run Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, although on weeks when I can't run at the weekend I have been known to run for four or five days straight and then rest for two or three. I much prefer spacing it out though.

Yes, good shoes are another good one. The shoes I had before were fine for up to about 5k but then started rubbing, so I hated running further than that. I got some shoes properly fitted and now I'm running 12 miles without the slightest problem.

You don't have to be a size 2 to be a good runner. I'm certainly not, and I'm training for a half marathon and then a marathon later in the year. No matter how thin you are you won't be able to do it straight off, and I bet if you started at the same time as one of those annoying people who is thin without exercising, and at a same level of fitness, they'd find it just as hard as you!

The best thing about running is that you can treat it as a competitive sport where the competition is you. You're not trying to beat other people, you're trying to improve so that if you ran a 40 minute 5k once your target isn't to beat the people who run it in under 20, but to run it in 35 or even one day 30 minutes or less. You can win your challenges without coming anywhere near the front of the pack and get as much out of it as the people who race towards the finish at frightening speeds.

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