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i love taking a 1 pt. english muffin, spreading laughing cow cheese on it (half a wedge on each muffin), and topping both sides of the muffin with 1 pc. of ham. it's a total of 3-4 pts (if you use more ham). it's one of my favorite snacks.

i will often eat it with a can of 99% ff. lentil soup (4.5 pts.) with green pepper tobasco sauce for a bit of spice . if i don't eat the soup with the muffin, i will add a half a cup of brown rice (2 pts.) and a bit of cheese (1 pt.) to make it a meal of 7.5 pts.

i also love making pita pizzas. you take a Whole Wheat pita and cut in in half so that it's a circle. (usually when i cut it, only one side is usable, so i will take the scraps of the smaller side and dip it in hummus as a snack). that pita is now 2 pts (i round up from 1.5 because i'm taking the bigger side of the circle). you add 1/4 cup of sauce (.75 pts), and add toppings. 1/4 cup of part skim mozzarella is 2 pts. 8 pieces of turkey pepperoni is 1 pt. spinach is 0 pts. turkey bacon is 1 pt for two pieces. usually my pizza is 6 pts (i round it up). i will eat it with a salad, or the the left over spinach that i cooked to add as a topping.

i like making veggie lasagna that is 4 pts. a serving (my bf loves when i make that and the pita pizzas).

i guess those are my favorites. i use a lot of ww pitas, english muffins, pasta, and tortilla. whole wheat has so much for fiber, and really, if you add one protein, and veggies to any ww item, it's a great, healthy, low pt. meal usually.

check out the recipe section.
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