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There's already been so much advice given. The first thing is to start slow, be consistent, and you're only competeting with yourself, no one else. Running is great because its about your personal growth, etc. And its CHEAP! You can also start at just about any time, there are great resources out there, and different websites to check up on. Most will talk about walk/run intervals etc.

I too am starting to work on my running. Right now, I'm just trying to walk, and doing cardio on other machines. I haven't had time to actually get to a track and the indoor track at my gym is a little intimidating. But, hopefully, by next week I plan to start running in intervals and not just walking.

Good luck!

Also, not everyone who runs is thin, and not everyone who exercises is either. And they totally aren't thinking about you, I hope that doesn't sound mean, but its like everyone at the gym or running is focused just as much on their bodies and programs as you are! And most people are inspired by people exercising big and small. I've started going to the gym and I was totally nervous thinking everyone would be Barbies and Kens... But totally not, although there are those fab bodied people, there are ten times more regular and bigger people.
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