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Wink My surgery is Tuesday!!!!!!!!! 2/7

Real name: heidi
Geographical location: Orange county, California
Age: 40
Marital Status: married 18 yrs
Children/Ages: son 16--son 15---daughter 11---son 8--------son 6

Occupation: medical assistant
Petsne kitty cat----Fish Taco

Hobbies/Interests: gardening---swimming (will do more after WLS) and sailing
Height: 5'8"

Eye/Hair Color: red---hazel
Date of Surgery: FEB 7, 2006
Type of Surgery: Roux en Y gastric bypass

Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: high school!!!!

Starting Weight: highest weight ever recorded: 327

Present Weight: 309

Goal Weight: will be thrilled just to be under 200
Biggest hurdle to overcome in managing after WLS: currently having trouble maintaining exercise and stamina
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