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I believe you have just met your enemy welcome to your "inner fat chick". You are not crazy, we all have her.

She knaws at you, sometimes worse than others "you are fine the way you are, you really just want to eat anything you like at the buffet table, it really won't do you any harm", "what's wrong with staying the way you are, your boyfriend loves you, you're working, you're fine, don't worry about losing weight"

That's what mine says anyway, oh and she doesn't really like exercise, or getting up early in the morning, and she really hates the gym at night after work.

You have to tell her to shut up, you're in control now. You have the desire and ability to lose weight. And she just needs to get with the program or shut up!

The battle with weight loss isn't waged at the gym, or the dinner table, or the fridge, the battle is in your head, and this is where you either win or you lose.

My money is on you winning!
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