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Hi everyone! I have been back and forth on every single diet known. For the record, this is absolutely the only one that works. Swear.
I do WW at home b/c I know how now. I have all the books and with another porgram, I hit enough meetings to kill a horse.
Sooooo.....I am now doing this for the first time, for the right reasons. I still freak out the day before I wiegh myself. So far, the digital scale (at my gym, always use the same one) says I have lost 7 pounds. I go again tomorrow and will climb on it again. Wish me luck.
You are all so inspiring. I am so glad to have found this site. I love it.
I would put my ticker in, but the server is too busy, it says.
My start weight on 1/13 was 197, on 1/20, it was 190 and tomorrow, I am convinced it will be well over 200. I doubt it will be, b/c I am following this to a T and I feel great and have been so good it's frightful. Is really not that hard if I just be creative in my foods and eat when I am hungry and eat the right amounts. Regardless, is coming along at exactly the right pace as it supposed too, right?
Stay tuned.
Love you all......big hug.

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