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Good question, Rhapsody, and I'm not 100% certain of the answer.

I've seen the term 'reduced obese' used in medical literature without a clear definition. However, usually 'obesity' is medically defined as a BMI over 30 (with a BMI over 40 considred to be 'morbidly obese'). In a few places, I've read that the metabolic effects of weight loss kick in when one has lost 10% of their body weight - that's the number that triggers the body to go into 'gain back the fat' mode. In the experiments that have been done with leptin, I think the subjects first drop 10% of their weight in order to reduce their leptin levels.

Certainly you weren't obese using BMI but you have lost 10% of your body weight ... I don't know if any of this might apply to you personally -- do you feel like it might?
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