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Thought this thread was really interesting...I am not a maintainer, but it is on my mind a lot and in some ways I now consider myself to be maintaining my loss more adamantly than trying to lose more (losing is fine, but I do not want to go up ever ever again). As as obvious by my ticker, I was never obese, and only about 10-15 lbs into the overweight category (close to "normal" again now, yay). However, I have found in my counting calories that if I constitently go above say about 1400 or 1500 calories a day (averaging over time) that I start to gain weight back. The times 10 analogy for my basal seems to work best, and with a goal weight of 120 I assume I will be eating around 1200 (maybe 100-200 more if I can exercise and increase my muscle mass, I'll admit I'm not on top of that now). I am also quite young so this is not an effect of ageing.

I am not formerly-obese, and while I've been "overweight" probably my whole life (up until now) I wonder if the same thing would apply to people who maybe have a tendency for obesity? I try not to use genes as an excuse, but my mother, father and sister have all been obese at various times (mother had bypass surgery, father diets on atkins now and then, and sister currently obese, though she diets occasionally as well). I'm not saying it's been comparitively difficult to lose weight, it's a whole process I'm still trying to understand and I don't resent that it's "easy" or "easier" for some people, just seems my calories are comparitively low for someone who has never been obese, and I don't think I'm the only one. I wonder if there's something else, maybe genetic, maybe a combination of things (like I said, I've *always* been overweight, even if not by much). Definitely interesting thoughts though, have enjoyed reading the posts and I think Dr. Liebel's work has some merit, even if the full implications aren't understood.
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