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My parents weigh themselves every few days. I do it maybe 1 time a month, today was the day but I said the heck with it. Great Advice: if ur that crazy over it why don't u change the weight scales strating arrow downward so u feel better when it seems u lost a pound or two. If this is something u can't do then literally get it out of ur house give it to family or friends, or throw it in the trash early or right before the garbage truck comes to make sure u won't go back to get it. U can weight urself at a public place that has a reliable scale so u will do it less often. These options may seem silly but not as silly as peeing twice to everyday to make sure u weigh yourself accurately. Silly may be the wrong word but I am trying to be supportive. Do something about it now before it gets even deeper ingrained in ur head and starts affecting other things in ur life.
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