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looking for size 12!
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Dh and I started Jan 2. He jumped to wave 2 after a couple of days... he was going batty. I stuck out wave 1 for 9 days. We have 3 kids and are gradually switching them over to healthier eating. They still get mac and cheese or bread with no "crunchy stuff" If I am making something not very kid friendly (greek salads w/ chicken) I will modify some of the dinner so they will eat it. (chicken w/ a few lettuce leaves, carrots and leftover mac and cheese)

We did the whole kitchen clean out before starting... boy did that feel good! I am down 12 lbs. My only cheat so far was chocolate grahmn crackers... I ate quite a few one night.

I save time and energy by making 2 extra servings of dinner and packing that for our lunch the next day. My co-workers are drooling... One woman even offered to hire me to cook her lunches. LOL DH loves mediteranean pork chop and lettuce in a wrap. I love this food!

My non-scale victory is that I can close my car door and not hit myself in the behind!

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