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I finished Wave 1 Friday and begin Wave 2 today. I had a couple of family events this past weekend and, while I watched what I ate, did not conform entirely to Sonoma Diet principles. That’s OK, though, because if I am careful I get great enjoyment from eating the same foods as others and do not feel any guilt. As I mentioned on the exercise thread, I did not exercise this weekend but that is also OK because I had 7 great workouts during the week.

Probably the biggest change I have made over the past 2 weeks is eating more vegetables and nuts. In September of 2005, I gradually began eating better and drinking more water, so starting the Sonoma Diet was not a radical change. I was getting into a food rut, so the Sonoma Diet was a welcome and wonderful change. I am enjoying the meal plans and recipes and do not feel like I am on a “diet.” While I previously experienced improved hair, skin, and nails, and even whiter teeth, my skin looks even better since I began eating so many vegetables.

I am “shrinking” at a faster rate than before and I am now in a smaller size! I am not sure if it is due to the Sonoma Diet, or if my previous exercise and eating are beginning to produce results. I suspect it is a little of both. My size 12s are snug, but I feel comfortable wearing them in public. This is really exciting for me because even though I exercised faithfully and watched what I ate during September and October, I did not see any results. My clothing fit the same, my measurements remained the same, and the scale went UP! Muscle growth, I know, but still hard to see. Then when I started seeing changes in November, it was so slow. So it is nice to see more rapid change. I actually look forward to my next medical check-up at the end of Feb. so I can see if there are improvements in my blood pressure and cholesterol.

Living primal and focusing on my health, not a number. Although I wouldn't complain about a smaller number!

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