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I don't agree with both the anti- weight loss supplement people or the pro ones. I go on a case by case basis and I find myself a little irritated by a bias without fully reading and understanding what is out there and is legit. Why? Cause we all already gotta deal with the B.S. that all the weight loss companies throw at us through there ads and we can't be fully sure what's in their supplements. Heck I can't even say I am sure what's in my prescription medication right now, esp. with all the news coming out about various meds that have very negative side effects that some of these companies make. People need to realize that it aien't just the supplement companies anymore. In my opinion the legal fda overseen companies were the ones who started the bull and these supplement companies are just taking a lesson from them but going further cause there environement allows it.
For one I hear about hoodia and I can't believe everything that the patent company owner says. I don't believe that all those pills out there don't contain any effective legit hoodia either. I do believe the number that do have the proper type and amounts are probably equivlant to the number of fingers I got on my hand. They hold a patent on the P?? active ingrediant and still this is a weak one cause patent LAW makes it a weak hold on an ingrediant that is naturally occuring. This is the part people don't realize. If they made a star trek hologram machine then they would have a full patent. Instead they just found caffeine in a plant. This is just an example of how idiot it is to believe that this company truly is the only one that can make the ingrediant avaliable and do so effectively.
Second, even when they come out with there's that doesn't mean it will be effective. WE don't know if this stuff is safe long term or will work in the way they are producing it. We don't even know if they are gonna take short cuts or are producing it safely.
Maybe they also say they are the only ones cause they know they got no way to keep there hold until 2008. I don't know. But, don't take a position based on one fact and a lot of opinion. The opinion is what the company is saying, the fact is a weak one. The only thing close to fact is the study which is a toss up depending on who observed it and conducted it. The only other one is that it kills appetite according to the reporter and the african tribe. What else is fact. NOthing. Only people taking the darn things for a period of time will show the truth. So take those hoodia pills now sold cause then maybe the rest of us will find out if they got anything besides what we can confirm through finding out what's in the pill through lab work.
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