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Default Coming out of lurkdom...


I haven't read the whole thread, but I just wanted to say that I can't relate to the lower maintenance calories for the "reduced obese". Maybe his findings really only apply to former obese people, and not to those of us who were only overweight, like others have pointed out. Personally, I never had to eat that little or exercise that much to maintain my 37-lb loss (I maintained that for 5 years, then regained 10 and have maintained for the past 4, but I swear this year I'll get rid of those 10!). Anyway, I gained those 10 because I ate like a pig, I *cannot* blame my body for it. I maintain easily at 2100-2200 cals/day.

Is it ok for me to post here? Or should I stick to the support forum, since I'm trying to lose again? I'm so excited to post! I've been lurking for years!
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