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Wow, where do I begin. I am thrilled that I had the surgery. It has also been very hard for me and I have had a myriad of complications including 3 dilitations, an inability for find a good protein supplement, no interest in food and I need to force myself to eat. I have also been diagnosed with mal-nutrition twice and hospitalized for it. This weight loss is definitely NOT for Sissies. Thinking about sugars is out for me as I get dumping and that is not fun. I also have a touchy gag reflex so if I don't chew chew chew, what goes down comes back up.
One of the major positives for me is that I like to cook so I am putting together a cookbook for people to use as a guideline. I am able to use sugar substitutes and also sweeten with a little honey for a good sauce.
I also was so excited when I went to the store for the first time in November and bought a new pair of jeans(size 10). I don't ever remember being that small. At my 140 weight, people say I am "skinny". LOL That is a term I never thought I would hear anyone use when referring to me.
I believe we are some of the strongest people I know.
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