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You are definitely not alone in having problems downing all your water.

I find it easier to squeeze a slice of lemon into my drink and lots of ice cubes. Makes it seem more like a "drink" to enjoy...rather than a chore. I also have a formula I'm trying because I am a hardcore coffee drinker. In the morning at the office, I have 1 cup of coffee when I first get there. I will not allow myself to have another cup of coffee until I have downed 2 glasses of lemon water. This will be rewarded with...being allowed to have a second cup of coffee. My plan is to have 4-5 cups of water downed before I leave work for the day...leaving me with only a few glasses left to drink at night.

Not sure yet if it will work...but I do expect to be running to the little girls room a lot during the day, lol.
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