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Okay - this could get embarrassing!

I was born in 1963 with an uncle who went to Vietnam when I was 5. He was a huge Beatles fan and, since I adored Uncle Neal, I fell in love with the Beatles at 5 years old. We watched Beatle cartoons together on Saturday mornings when I spent the night at my Granny's house. So, the Beatles areIT for me. John Lennon was my man and I was going to marry him. DH took me to see Beatlemania in Houston, Texas the very night that John was murdered. I got home from my date, turned on the television to the announcement that John had been gunned down in front of the Dakota apartments and I screamed. Scared my parents to death.

In my player right now: Third Day's Come Together

Favorite genres: Christian, rock (I suppose it would be oldies now)

Favorite artists: Third Day and Newsboys are my favorites in Christian. I love 70s rock bands (Eagles, Chicago, Kansas, Boston, Journey - love Journey!!) I admit to having a major crush on Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees (saw them in Houston in '79 - John Travolta appeared on stage - ) Early 70s I was in love with David Cassidy & Donny Osmond! Of course, later it was the BeeGee's, Peter Frampton, Andy Gibb - and always, always, John Lennon.

Favorite Song: In My Life - the Beatles

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