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A mixed bag for me...

I haven't seen my family since last Christmas, so I was pretty anxious about going back there. I knew that there would be lots of junk food around, so I packed a healthy bag lunch to eat once I got there (Yay!).

Sure enough, I was right. My mother had lemon tea cake, chocolate chip cookies, 2 pounds of butterscotch fudge, 2 pounds of regular fudge, and several boxes of old fashioned "nostalgia" candy that she had ordered (Boo!). I didn't eat ANY of it, though (Yay!!!).

But man, after a few hours in that house, I was climbing the walls, and eating chex mix by the handfull (Boo!). Oh well, at least now I know how I ended up weighing almost 215 pounds.

I did manage to eat a reasonable Christmas dinner, and came home yesterday an unofficial half pound lighter (double Yay!!).

Just have to say that the coolest thing is seeing everyone (regardless of their Christmas food setbacks or victories) back here and ready to dig in. You guys are a constant source of inspiration for me.

Here's to a happy, healthy, amazingly great new year for all of you!

before/almost there pics:

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