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Default Wednesday night -eer Thursday a.m.?

Hi Ladies - something is amiss with the spacebar on the laptop! Aaaugh! Been busy with holiday shopping, mailing etc. May have to give acolades tomorrow with this dumb computer not responding properly - it is taking me forever to type this!

Xer to our little group - let us know how you are doing - great challenge!

eesabella for your 3 days of success!

dgpebbles for 2 days of success this week!

stagemom for your first workout - keep it up.

carla - I am like you only worse. At least you are still managing a regular challenge on the 21 day challenge. You go girl!

Sushi - You are maintaining so well -140 is below my goal weight!

Bonnie - Congrats to you. I know it may not seem like a victory but to me you are my hero - just 2 lbs shy of onederland is an accomplishment during this time of year.

Ladies - I did it despite these sticky keys. Have a great Thursday and kick some flab butt this week. I like carla's idea about breathing new life into this thread for the New Year. So if you have any ideas for the Weekly Challenge in 2006 let me know here or feel free to pm me!

All we have is right now. Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow is not promised, and Someday is not a day of the week!

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