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Good Evening, Flowers! One more day at school and then a week off; I am ready! I need to get busy and wrap some more gifts tonight. My kitchen looks like a tornado went through and dumped the debris on the island counter. Maybe the maid will pick it up tonight while I'm sleeping.

'Gma' -- I hate to sit and wait in a doctor's waiting room. Our local doctor is pretty good and the wait is usually 10 minutes or less unless there is an emergency. They always apologize if you have to wait which is nice. As for the kids having babies . . . I see that every day at school! We have one gal who is 15 and teeny tiny. I never thought she would last this long as she looks like she has 2 basketballs stuck in her pants! She definitely waddles when she walks! She is a snot so I'm hoping the baby will have lots of family helping raise it. I hope Jack can get some relief for his heel! I feel for him!

Gail -- You must like to shop for sure! Not me! You will have a nice long vacation too.

Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow . . . I'm off to wrap gifts!

Jean -- in Iowa!
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