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Yeah i do have to take a before shot because I'm "in the zone" right now. I'm focused and motivated to lose this baby weight. Before my oldest my median weight was also about 180-190 but during the pregnancy was about 225 and after he was born went down to about 210 but I didn't lose anything else. With my 2nd (which was less than 2 yrs later) i still hadn't lost anything and put more on. With him i gained less than 15lbs and it can right off after he was born but i was still carrying the original baby weight! I've never been thin but this weight after 2 c-sections is distributed total differently. I was shapely, now I'm a shape alright...a circle . Any way I hope to do like u one day. Have u ever consider posting your before and afters, i think it would be pretty inspirational.
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