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Just peeking in to say 'hello' and check up on everyone. I read two final exams today and sat through a third, then started working on copying for January. I had the copy machine all to myself so that was nice and I could zip right along.

I have card club tonight. We go out to eat and then play cards and exchange gifts. I'm hoping it won't be late because I am tired before I even leave the house. I either need to find a secretary or else quit my job. Then maybe I wouldn't feel so frazzled. Everyone else seems to have the same feeling this year so I'm not alone I guess.

It has warmed up to 23 degrees from 0 this morning so that is good. The sun is shining and there is NO wind . . . what more could I ask for?!

'Gma' -- We sing the Christmas carols after Christmas . . . as in January. Dumb is my opinion! We have lost a few members since our remodeling project. I don't know if they didn't support the project, thought it was too much money, or what. Who knows? Our choir is pretty sad to say the least. There has been a committee set up to try and revive first service. It is mostly elderly people and they are either going to nursing homes, die, or just don't come any more. Our second service 'rock and rolls' which isn't church to me.

Gloria -- I got it! I'm just a little dense at times and didn't take the time to figure it out.

I need to find a bag for my card club gift! Have a nice evening!

Jean -- in Iowa!
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