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Just got back from DD#2's Christmas Party. What I thought was going to be just a family affair turned into one of her BIG parties. At the height of the party there were about 50 kids playing in the basement and also going up to the second floor and then down to the a conga line. There were about 35 adults. She had her usual assortment of goodies but everyone brought desserts....she did make her Yule Log thought. There was Turkey breast, Chicken Marsala, Baked Mac and Cheese, Squash Lazagna, Beef Tenderloin, I don't even remember what else she had. Oh, I did try her fried Ravioli....delish as an appetizer. Anyway we had a ball and to answer someone's question, Yes she likes nursing as much as cooking but after 20 years in the OK I would love to see her take a break from all that standing that she does.

In other years she hired a Santa Claus and last year at the family party there was, of course, no Santa. Well, to my amazement there was a Santa this year. It was announced that all kids were to go to the basement, it is finished with wet bar, large tv, computer for games, and another tv for games, a kids paradise. Then I turned around to see Santa and lo and behold it was this pint sized almost 9 yr old GS, Ryan. He has the complete Santa suit...hat, glasses, beard, jacket, pants, and fake boots. He had a pillow case over his shoulder and sat in a chair at one end of the room and the kids would go up to him and after they said what they wanted for Christmas he would reach into his 'sack' and give them a candy cane. You could have bowled me over with a feather.....this is the kid who didn't talk til he was 4 yrs old. His mother told me it was his idea to play Santa as he was disappointed last when there was no Santa. Of course, I wanted to tell Santa I had been a good girl so I joined the line and knelt by his chair and told him I had been good and that I had everything I wanted already and he could give my gifts to someone else. He handed me a candy cane. I wanted to cry. He was just beautiful.

Tomorrow DH is to have a Nuclear test for his heart in conjunction with his upcoming knee surgery. He had another test called an Echo test on Friday. His cardiac Dr. is taking no chances as he will have anesthesia and they do have to be careful and it has been almost 10 years since he had the stents put in. We will go to the hospital on Tuesday for the Pre-op workup. A busy time but as long as the weather holds out we will be Ok.

Faye: That's too bad the you have such a reaction to the Allergy med. A good nite's sleep helps you face the day better.

Jean: You get out of school on Wed. but I just checked with the GK's here and they have school straight thru to the end of the day on Friday....then they are off until Jan 3 because Jan 2 is a legal holiday.

Gloria in MA....pooped from the party but happy. Take care!
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