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Good Sunday morning all. I had to take some allergy medicine last night so I am kind of "puffed" this morning. My eyes kind of swell as do my adenoids. You would think the opposite would happen, wouldn't you? It was that or sneeze and cough all night and at least this way I got some sleep!

Jean: This recipe is fairly easy and the fudge comes out nice and creamy. That doesn't mean you don't have to be careful. Anytime you work with sugar you have to be careful, but no I don't use a candy thermometer though I do have one. I bought the good food coloring at Michaels and ended up with clear crystals instead of glitter, but the stuff looks like snow so I think it will be even better. The darn stuff cost me $10 though! How outrageous is that! The things we do for grandkids!

I think Jack flunked boy scout camping. We bought wood for the fireplace and it took him forever to get it going. He tried kindling, magazines, kindling again and finally got it going enough to put the bigger pieces on and I finally had a nice fire last night for awhile!

You ladies all have a great day and I will talk to you later

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