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Good morning everyone! It is cool but fairly mild this morning for the end of December. My hands though, are killing me with arthritis this AM. I jammed my middle finger on my left hand on the steering wheel a couple nights ago and it is pretty swollen. Good thing I don't wear a ring on that finger as it would never come off!

Jean: Good grief extra wrapping, NO WAY! Let 'em shake is what I say!! So, now are you done with school for a couple weeks or do you have to go part of the week next week? (I just read the sentence I wrote and it sounded like giberious so I had to rewrite) I bet you are glad to be away from the little indians for awhile.

I have fudge to make and some candy cane sugar cookies. I found the recipe on Semi Homemade on the food network. They look like something Thomas might like and they come from one of those packaged cookie mixes at the store and you just add stuff. I wish I could find edible glitter (maybe Michaels in their Wilton cake section?) and I would roll them in glitter. Wouldn't that be cute? They just look so cute and easy. I make milk chocolate fudge that is fairly easy but a huge hit with the family. My stepfather used to ask for a batch every Christmas when my mom was still alive and he ate it all himself. The kids and Jack and I have dinner together then wine and nibbles when we open packages. Since we are going down a day early, Thomas can come down early on Saturday and go swimming. The hotel we are staying at besides restaurants, has a mini food court where you can get pretzels, donuts, pizza, hot dogs and the like if he gets hungry and wants something. They have a 24 hour restaurant that has a $10 prime rib dinner (or at least they used to) and you get rolls, soup AND salad, a nice slice of prime rib and a potato. We haven't been down there in so long, I don't know if they even still do it.

I guess I should check on the clothes I put in. I got up at 3 AM yesterday morning so I crashed about 8 last night and I was up and at 'em at 5 o'clock this morning.

Hello to all you missing ladies!

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