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Morning girls! We seem to be dry this morning, though it sounds a little windy outside it is not terribly cold.

Jean: Thanks for the suggestions for Jack. We bought him an insert for his shoe and I hope it helps a little until he can get to the dr. Did your dr give you a shot of cortizone in your foot? One of the guys Jack works with says that is one of things his dr did and that the shot hurt like the devil. He is to the point now where he can barely walk. We went to dinner last night and I noticed he was almost walking tiptoe so as not to put weight on the heel. If he had done what I told him to do, it might not have gotten to this point. I told him back the week of Thanksgiving that when we got back he should schedule an appt and he didn't do it. Men, they never listen. I only have two things to wrap, Thomas's Harry Potter stuff (dd has mislaid the patches) and a gift for my sil's parents (we always buy something for each other, usually one of those gift box things.) I am going to get a gift bag for Thomas's stuff so that way I don't have to wait until the last minute to wrap it if she can't find the patches to get them sewed on and I will get her in-laws stuff wrapped tomorrow then blessedly I am done. Jack and I just get each other whatever we want and I got my mixer early and Jack got a couple things for his computer.

I am taking Jack to work this morning as I have to go to the commissary...UGH! Have a good day girls and stay warm!

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