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I think you are getting too thin.
You couldn't know that without knowing what I look like. People can carry the same body fat percentages in vastly different ways.

What is the average woman? 25% bodyfat?
If the average woman is 25% body fat, she's in the red zone.That's not where I'm trying to be.

If you really want to be a size four just step up your diet and cardio and eas off the weight training
Did you miss the part where I said my metabolism works in just the opposite way - responding better to weight training than cardio?

(Not to restart the whole debate - I'm just speaking for myself.)

I counsel against it
I in turn would counsel against eating only 1500 calories, over half of them at one meal...but that's your choice.

I think it's possible to gain lean mass without gaining fat, provided the eating is strictly regimented. But again, that's not my priority right now.
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