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Originally Posted by CynthiaB
If I could throw in my two cents.... It's not exactly a natural thing to use, but I think it's considered green because there are no chemicals: the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. If all else fails when I'm trying to clean something, I turn to the Magic Eraser and it's gone in seconds. My latest discovery is soap scum in the tub. I've tried vinegar, baking soda, normal cleaners, super cleaners (that tell you not to breathe while using them!), everything. Then one day I used the Magic Eraser and it was gone! How does that thing work? I love it.

Hey, magic really can be practical!

that thing is INCREDIBLE on the tub, I tried chemicals, a steamer, good old fashioned scrubbing til my hands about fell off, and then tried the Magic Eraser to get the dirt out of the "pores" of the bathtub floor texture. Viola..... it is clean.

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