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Originally Posted by ShannonM

Do I just need to drop the poundage? Get away from the compound stuff and do higher-rep isolation work for mass-building? (Though I'm skeptical as to whether I can actually build mass right now, given the fact that I don't eat much, can't recover from workouts, and get what seems like not nearly enough sleep.) Working less and/or sleeping more are not options. 30 hours/week of this is OT and we need it badly. I cannot drop the workouts because I will gain fat like a fiend, and I'm not willing to settle for maintenance. It's the holidays, for God's sake, and the only way I'll get through them without gaining weight is to make it my goal to lose weight.

I'm not trying to gripe, y'all. I'm just so
Sounds like you might be overtraining. I find high rep work (7 reps/set+) is very hard for me when I am following a restrictive diet.

Have you tried a lower rep scheme (5x5 or even 6x3)? I do a lot of ladders (1/2/3/1/2/3/1/2/3) with something like 85% 1RM or 6x3 with 75%. You don't want to approach failure on the lower rep stuff because it is really taxing on your recovery especially during a diet.

I have dropped 70# in the past year with only a 5-10% strength loss training this way. Exercises I am not really training (such as benchpress are really suffering, however). I am trying to train frequently and avoid failure in an effort to hold onto as much muscle as possible while I am following this restrictive diet. I am still hoping to hit my end of December goal of weighng in at 275#.
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