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My personal trainer i used to have at the local gym, used to say the reason for eating small meals every 2-3 hours is to get the body into thinking "No i don't need to store fat, there is always a meal coming soon", keep the furnace burning.
He said if you only eat 3 times a day in between the body then says to itself.. its 6 hours till lunch! we had better store some of this for later!
He said that if you stuck to eating 5-6 meals in the end the body will not store the fat at all, and anything you did not need energy wise you just expel, for the body cannot see the reason to store, since there is always food available.

Whether or not this is true, i have no idea, i must say he was lean and good looking!!!!
I could never stick to it, so instead i used another idea of his and that is to use a meal replacement shake as my mid meals! (slim fast, body talk, optifast) they are nutritional suppliments and offer 170-220 cals! perfect if I couldn't be bothered preparing anything.

5-6 meals a day is perfect for controlling blood sugar! appetite! you will not find yourself getting dizzy nausious, or any of the usual diet dillemas.

I would still eat something even if I was not hungry , but I would probably not eat as much. by totally missing meals, you will be defeat the purpose that you are aiming at!

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