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Originally Posted by GreatBigMonsterMomma
Just knowing they have caffeine at all is enough to make me warn people away from them when I'm asked. I don't (don't!) understand the allure of pills anyway. I'd rather eat real food and not worry about what might be in some little pill.
In a's MARKETING. The allure of the advertisements (although I find the vast majority of them to be pandering and insulting!) and infomercials. The advertisers know EXACTLY what to say to get people's hopes up...and their Visa cards out.

In his book The Fat of the Land Michael Fumento writes of at least one survey which asked formerly obese people if they had a choice - would they be obese again or suffer some other sort of disfigurement, and EVERY SINGLE PERSON said that rather than be fat again they would choose to be deaf, dyslexic, diabetic or have heart disease; while more than 90% said they would rather have a limb amputated than be obese again; and close to 90% said they would rather be BLIND than be obese again...and what's more every single one of the persons surveyed said they would rather be NORMAL weight rather than be severely obese multimillionaires!

The marketers KNOW that people desperately DO NOT WANT TO BE FAT and use that knowledge - along with their own half-truths and lies - to peddle their wares. As I've said different whatsoever from the snakeoil carpetbagger peddlers of the 19th century who would sell their 'miracle cure' nostrums to their 'marks'.
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