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My understanding from what I have read is that Omega 3 (1) and Omega 6 (2) need to be balanced to get the weight loss benefit. It is also VERY important that you get fish oil from clean water sources or they will most likely contain mercury and other contaminants.

Now my personal experience with them is that I don't react that well for some reason with them either; HOWEVER, I have found that going to a nice japanese restaurant three times a week for lunch and having a 12 piece sashimi (raw fish) with a nice salad and a 1/2 a cup of rice really helps keep down my mild psoriasis (skin condition) that likes to pop up a bit in the Winter, doesn't make me break out in acne, and makes me happy (due to the seratonin increase that Omega 3 boosts naturally). And since I hear that having this for lunch is a good part of any good diet then it seems like a good thing to do.

Currently I am prequalifying diets to find the right one for me to go on. I'm leaning toward the Cortisol Connection Diet right now but those darn fake pills falsely promoting weight loss on television are making me wonder if the diet itself is legitimate. The Cortisol Connection Diet does not recommend the use of pills like Relacore and Cortislim at all by the way.


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(1) Omega 3 link:,00.html

(2) Omega 6 link:,1037,00.html
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