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Hello there! This is a great topic.

I have lots to say on this subject! When I lost my weight once and for all, nobody knew I had had the surgery, because although I had the surgery in 1986, due to my pregnancy my weightloss stopped until I started working it again in '95. I chose not to tell about the surgery, and indeed, I still don't talk about it. Whatever surgeries I have had are nobody's business! I do vigorously defend those who choose to have it, and I really get ticked off by those who call it a quick fix or think it's cheating. I get up every morning at 4:30am and work out for an hour to maintain my healthy body, and I enjoy doing it. I count every calorie I eat, keep my weight within a 3-pound range and step on the scale each day to make sure it stays there. So don't tell me that I took the easy way! It is a life-long battle, and I fight it daily.

I noticed when I first began losing the weight, everybody was most encouraging. They cheered my victories, noticed my milestones, and gave me such great support. After about a year or so, when I was 35 or 40 pounds more than now, things changed. All of a sudden, they commented that I must have an eating disorder. That I didn't look healthy. They noticed and commented on my loose skin. They criticized what I ate. They told me I was obsessed (to this I plead guilty, although I prefer to use the term "passionate") about my weight. I could only figure that by losing weight, I stepped out of the "fat friend" box they had put me in. What an affrontery, when people do not know their place!

I have changed in my outlook a lot over the past several years of being a person of "normal size." I no longer feel like people are watching and judging me, so I am much more confident. I'll admit to this as well -- sometimes I am a tad bit judgemental when I see overweight people who make absolutely no attempt to get control of their health. I don't say this proudly, but I'm being honest. I guess I figure, if I did it, why can't they? But I KNOW all too well what kinds of demons they struggle with -- I still struggle with them as well! And I remind myself of that whenever I start feeling a little smug.

Thank you for providing this forum in which to discuss things I never talk about!

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