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Health scares are very good motivators to change. I kept telling myself that I wasn't hurting anything by being a little on the plush side of a healthy weight.

My doctor informed me differently a couple years ago. I had been having problems off and on with my knees and lower back spasms. I saw the doctor in early Jan 2003, she informed me I had high blood pressure and a lot of arthritis throughout my body.

She was very nice about it, but basically told me I was too young to be having all these problems. She felt that if I stayed the weight I was they'd be replacing my knees by the time I turned 50, if I hadn't had a stroke from the high blood pressure. She painted such a dire future for me and acted like she really cared that I left her office in tears with a referral to see the nutritionist. It really changed my life!

The some of best advice I got from the nutritionist is:
Choose a diet that you can live with for the rest of your life because you are changing how and what you eat permanently.

Do something physical everyday. Don't say "I"ll try to do this" Say "I will do this today."

A great book that I'm sure people are getting tired of me touting but has been so inspirational for me is "The Thin Commandments" by Stephen Gullo. We discussed it on a different forum recently.

Unfortunately now that my blood pressure is normal and my arthritis isn't hurting I've sort of lost the motivation to continue to lose. But, I haven't gained any back which is good.

Good luck and make the permenant changes now to lose the weight and get fit.

49 years old, 5' highest weight-199lbs . Started SBD Jan 2004, lost 47 pounds in 6 months, then slowly gained it all back.

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