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gbo315 Real name: Pam

Geographical Location: Alabama

Age: 51

Marital Status: Married

Children: daughter/deceased

Occupation: disabled

Pets: children of the fur, cats
Tiny - orange, striped
Tigger- black, white, light gray & brown striped 23lb.
Tony- Long haired (like Tigger) Lighter orange sort
of striped
Toes- grey tiger cat
Nicki- Calico
Tasha- 18 yrs old little black cat
Sissy - Calico
Sugar- Most black & white
Sheba- Dark calico

Hobbies & Interests/ Crochet, writing, sculpture, creative
anything really, intrested in archeology,flowers life in
general and love people.

Height: 5' 7

Eyes ,hair and skin tone : Brown

Date of Surgery: Waiting

Type of surgery: Roux en-Y

Date of weight loss journey: 1965

Top weight: 475lbs

Current weight: 368lbs

Goal weight 140

Soon a new beginning begins for me, I wish it had been possible oh so many years ago but I now will be able to live my life more fully and do all the things I would have loved to do. Most importantly, I will be set free to be the real Pam God made me to begin with.
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